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Topsail Island, NC

Venture to Topsail Island, North Carolina, for perfect beach wedding. The serene beaches and small-town atmosphere offer a laid-back getaway. According to local legend, Topsail got its name centuries ago when pirates would hide their boats in the channel between the island and the mainland, and only the top of the boats’ sails were visible to ships approaching from the Atlantic. Rumor has it, Blackbeard’s treasure is still buried somewhere on the island. 

Topsail Island has three main town: North Topsail Beach, Surf City, or Topsail Beach

No permits are required for weddings on the beach. 

There has been a good bit of erosion this year especially at North Topsail. Ceremony times really need to be planned for close to low tide.

Due to distance of parking to the beach we do charge a higher set up fee at most Topsail Island Locations.

If renting a oceanfront home the tide is a big concern here. The beach has suffered a lot of erosion so there may not be enough space on the beach for a wedding behind many homes within a few hours of high tide. 

Check out this article from Southern Living for a great description of each beach on the island:

Here you can find info on rental properties:

Here is info for the Onslow County side of Topsail:

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