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Incredible Beach Weddings is the love, passion and vision of Tracey Campbell-McLamb. Her passion is to create the best possible destination wedding experience for her clients. 

Tracey Campbell-McLamb
Owner, Planner and Photographer

My name is Tracey Campbell McLamb. I began my business 25 years ago as Incredible Smiles Photography.  I have had an incredible 24 years as a professional photographer in coastal South Carolina and North Carolina. I have photographed over 1800 weddings over the years so I have been able to build a large list of vendors etc. I prefer to work with. As you read more about me below you will see how I have always had a love for all phases of the planning of weddings.

During this time I can't tell you how many times things were set up in totally different ways then I would have done as a photographer. I have also been 

told many times over the years that the Officiant ended up doubling as the photographer. 
For these reasons and just my love of weddings I decided three years ago to take my approach to weddings in a different way. I wanted to be able 

to control what time of day would be best, what direction should people be placed for the sand ceremony and my pet peeve where to put the cake for the best images possible!  I just want to help provide you with the best services at affordable prices with professional vendors I have worked with over the years!

I LOVE my job. I wake up and I'm excited to go work. I get to meet new and exciting people and tell their love story. I love to capture every moment and detail of their special day. I get to display their quirks, personality, and true self. I get to make an impact.
I am so incredibly thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing career. I count my blessings everyday I get to do this for a living.

I take the time to get to know the couples that I work with and find out their story. I find that by doing this, it makes everyone more comfortable and relaxed on their wedding day. This in turn, results in wonderful, natural photographs of the bride and groom, who feel free to express their emotions and are not inhibited around the camera or me. It also allows me to find out more about a couple's individual style and personality so that their images will reflect who they are.

Not only will I be your photographer there to capture this once in a lifetime occasion, I will also be the main contact as we plan all the other phases of your wedding. I truly believe the better I am able to get to know you before the wedding the better I can be at capturing those private looks and moments only the two of you share.

I believe that the best images are the one's that capture real smiles, real tears, and real emotions! I not only love wedding photography, but the entire wedding process, all of the little details excite me! I tell my brides all the time how I love to make their day easier. I have helped many with color selections, venue, DJ, officiant, times to have beach ceremonies for best tide and sunset and even been known to drive them to and from their hair and make-up session the day of the wedding!!

I am in a area where I get lots of destination weddings. I do have a very good system in place to help get to know each other better. So, even if we aren't able to meet before your big day, rest assured I do everything possible to make you feel at ease on this special day!

I am so happy to be able to use my many years of experience to take my love one step farther and add a complete one stop service for all your wedding needs. I can offer you just the basics for a small beach wedding, a larger wedding where more services are needed like, Bamboo Arbor, Chairs, decorations hair, makeup, DJ, Video, music, flowers, cake, accommodations for you and your guests to arranging your honeymoon plans. I don't offer reception packages but I know how overwhelming planning a wedding from out of town can be so I will be glad to assist my couples in securing a reception location.

I will soon be adding table, chair and linen rentals as a package addition as well as Drone Video Coverage! 


I am originally from Tennessee. I moved to North Myrtle Beach, SC in 1993 then relocated to Wilmington in 2018. I have a 24 year old son named Zack.  We 2 dogs (Priss and Lucie), plus 5 cats (Jack, Lulu, Jax, Kiki and Willow), my friends sometimes call me the crazy cat lady!! Somehow I got lucky and married my best friend Christmas Eve 2018. So now in addition I have a wonderful husband named Ricky, two stepsons named Brant (Brant helps with the weddings) and Dylan. We also did our own beach wedding in February 2019,  I was able to get first hand experience of what it's like to be on the other end of things. 

When choosing someone to plan your wedding day I believe it is important to make sure you have chosen someone whose artistic vision and personality are a good fit for you!  Please take time to browse my website to get a feel for if I am the right fit for you. Please also check out my work over at my photography site Thank you and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you very soon!


My vision is to offer affordable beach weddings, while still being customizable, beautiful and elegant. I have a very hands on approach and will be a part of each step of our planning phase.

Unfortunately, in this business I am not able to offer set operating hours. I work by appointment. The majority of my ceremonies are April-December. You will find me working Seven days a week and 10-14 hours per day. The off months are January, February and March. Email is the best way to reach me: during the off season you might find me catching up on projects or spontaneously taking a few days off if the weather is nice.

I will normally have a automated email to reflect any absences.

If you have a situation that needs a earlier reply you may also text me to: 843-907-1132

Thanks so much for your consideration to be a part of your special day!

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