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Wedding Timeline

Below is a timeline of stages leading up to your wedding day. After doing about 900 destination weddings I’ve found that some wedding plans can change as time goes by. Whether more chairs for guests are needed, arbor color selections change, etc., I don’t want details to get lost in the shuffle of communications - so this timeline is here to help! By following it, you’ll know when to expect to finalize various decisions.

Please also note, while l love having so many ways to communicate (text, Facebook, email) it can be difficult to keep up with messages coming in from various platforms. Therefore, once you are booked, email is the best way to communicate. After you book, I create an email folder for just you, so every time you email me, I can keep it organized in your folder in my email. I still encourage you to text me with anything time sensitive. If it’s any info pertaining to your wedding day and services I will be providing, I will also follow up with an email to confirm.

I strive to provide couples with a stress free, affordable, and customizable wedding day, and this timeline will help us to do so. And rest assured, couples who book us last minute will have a beautiful wedding, regardless of a short timeline. We’re skilled at putting together weddings with a few days’ notice.


  1. Up to Two Years from your selected wedding date - Book your package

  2. You will receive a Welcome Letter email within a few days of your booking with paid deposit. This will cover what happens next and many other tips which should be read carefully.

  3. Once booked go ahead and let me know if you will need any other services like hair/makeup, video, reception photography, fresh flowers, cake etc. so I can go ahead and put you in contact with that vendor.

  4. Two months to six months from your wedding date – Make sure to complete the Wedding Questionnaire. The link was on the Welcome Letter email.

  5. Once the Questionnaire is received it will go to my officiant (if you are using one of mine).

  6. The Officiant will be in touch with you within a few days of my confirming I received your questionnaire. If you haven’t heard from the Officiant within a week of me confirming I received the questionnaire, please let me know.

  7.  Please make sure you have confirmed your vow selections with the Officiant about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Once approved they will send me an outline form of your selections.

  8. If you are using your own Officiant, please try to make sure you have finalized your vows with them about 6-8 weeks out. I will reach out to them to try and get a copy.

  9.  About 3-5 weeks out I will email you a review of everything you listed on the questionnaire and get any missing info (like songs).

  10. 3-4 weeks out, after I have confirmed all the details, I will then go over arbor décor (if you have a package where it is customized). This will include sheer colors, flowers etc.

  11. 2-3 weeks out we will go over the final guest count in case you need additional chairs.

  12. If there have been a lot of changes made, I will review everything again even 3-7 days out.

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