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Questions & Answers

1. How far in advance do we need to book? 

We have been able to put a wedding together in as little as the day before and as far out as two years. 

For the best date options we advise booking as soon as possible.

2. How many Guests am I allowed to have? 

We don't limit guests on 6 out of 10 of our packages. Our Incredible Memories Packages is designed for just the couple and meant to be an alternative to a Courthouse wedding so you can still have a wedding on the beach with pictures. It's very basic so therefore we only allow two guests.

Our Lasting Impression Package has a limit of 10 guests. Because this package is so affordable and only includes 30 minutes of photography (in addition to the ceremony) it really just does not give justice to the bride and groom to allow adequate time for their pictures. The Captured Moment has a 15 guest limit including the wedding party.  The Somewhere in Time has a 20 person guest limit including the wedding party.  

3. How many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen may I have?

Lasting Impression , Captured Moment and Somewhere in Time Package: You may have one maid of honor, one best man, one flower girl and one ring bearer, all part of the 10)

4. What if it rains?

Fortunately we don't get many days where it rains all day. We do get pop up showers in the summer months. Our first option is to adjust the time. Please be flexible on the day of your wedding and make sure you advise your guests as well. I monitor the weather very closely and will text you as soon as I can should we need to adjust your ceremony time. Please also make any hair or makeup appointments to allow for this possibility. Another option would be to change the date when possible. If we did happen to have a all day rain we have many places at our area beaches where there is a gazebo or someplace with a cover. I also will have white umbrellas nearby which can be used in case rain we start during the ceremony and can also be used to block the sun on days that may be hotter then usual. If it's a light rain I do bring white/clear umbrellas that can be sued as well.  

Hurricane Policy Options: Because mother nature can't be controlled we have these options in place should a hurricane cause any evacuations at our covered beaches. 1. Move to a unaffected beach. 2. Move the date. 3. If the first two options aren't doable you may take your deposit and change it to a photo shoot on the beach at a later date. You may still wear your wedding attire and there is no expiration on when you use it. That way you still get beautiful photos on the beach!

5. Where are the locations?

Our service area is Emerald Isle, NC going south to North Myrtle Beach, SC. If you are renting a house at one of these beaches we may be able to set up behind the house. Our packages include all set up and take down but depending on the location there could be a extra set up fee if the unloading area is not convenient to the location. We will be able to determine this in the quote stage. If you are not staying at a Oceanfront home we would try to get to the beach access closest to where you are staying. There are some areas where we do have preferred locations. This may have to do with beach congestion, parking etc. During the booking process we will work with you to get the best location for us to set up and for you and your guests.

Due to erosion at many of the beaches we also much consider the time of high tide when making the time and location plans. Tracey will go over this during the booking process.

6. Do you preform same-sex weddings?

Yes, we do not discriminate, We honor and respect any traditions you may have and do not pass any judgement on anyone for


any reason. 

7.What is included in the photography portion of a package?

Our photography is designed to give couples an affordable option. As you know photography can be one of the largest investments a wedding couple will make. Our packages all include a digital download of all your images at high resolution with a print release about 14-21 business days after your ceremony. During the summer months please expect longer delays as we have weddings almost daily during this time, usually 21-28 business days. 

Photo albums can take 3-8 weeks after I receive your selections. Each image is edited as described below and the album is custom designed. Once the design is complete you will receive a email to proof the design before printing.  


If you would like additional hours or editing packages you can find the options on the upgrade tab or click here:

Our packages that include a photo album will include color and exposure corrections as well as some basic editing like teeth whiten, blemish removal, minimizing facial lines, remove background objects. Please allow extra time for editing packages and albums. 

*When booking packages that include Professional Photography we regret  we can not allow any other outside Photographers. If you wish to use your own, you need to book The Just Decorations Package or one of the packages where Photography is an add on. I have a very organized way I do photos in order to do them within the time limits of your package. If a second shooter is there it makes it very difficult to  capture your day and provide you with everything included in your package. If you feel like you would like to have a second shooter, please let me know and we can go over options to include this with a photographer I am used to working with and won't keep the other from getting important shots. Breach of this policy the day of, will forfeit the photography portion of my package with no refund on that portion of the package. 

8.Is there a way to add music without adding a DJ?

It's included with our packages except: Incredible Memories, The Captured Moment or Lasting impression Packages. The music package can be added for $50.00 extra to the Lasting Impression or Captured Moment Packages. It's not available for The Incredible Memories Package.  

9. What is the best time for a beach wedding?

My personal preference is 1-2 hours prior to sunset. This gets into the prime lighting time for the pictures to be taken, gets the majority of people off the beach and allows time for the sand to cool down in the summer months. I also must take into consideration the high tide time for many of the area beaches. All of these will be addressed during the booking process. 

10. What is the Sand Ceremony?

I am so glad you asked this question! It's one of my favorite parts of a beach wedding. Due to the wind and also most of the beaches have a open flame ordinance we aren't able to do a unity candle. The sand is done in place of the traditional unity candle and once poured the sands can not be separated. We do include this as a free service with all of our ceremonies except The Incredible Memories Package. In addition we provide the sand in a variety of colors as well as a take home vase. If you prefer to use your own keepsake vase please let me know.  

11. What are my options for decorating the Arbor?

The images of the Arbors are just examples of what it could look like. The white sheer is included on all of the packages with the arbor and more colors can be added depending on the package. I do have some options with the white sheer to tie in other colors you may be using. I do offer the flowers shown on the arbor and can be included. These are silk, as they hold up better in the wind and heat. Once booked you will be given and extensive questionnaire to complete and this will give me all the info regarding, colors, wedding party, family etc. Tracey will go over decor options as your date gets closer.   

12. We would like a wedding in North Carolina but it's just the two of us, can you provide witnesses?

In order to be married in North Carolina you will need two witnesses. I can be one of the witnesses. If you still need the second we can normally provide one for $50.00.  

13. Do you offer Fresh Flowers?

Yes, please see the info here:

14. We would really like to rent a beach house, can you help?

My company does not personally own beach houses for rent. However, over the years I have found several I can refer. If you are interested please let me know. 

15. Do you offer Reception Packages?

I can assist you in finding your reception location and or caterers etc. 

16. What are your hours?

The hours listed on google aren't correct. Unfortunately, they don't offer a way to list By Appointment Only. I typically work 7 days a week 10-14 hours per day Mid March-December. In January and February is slower for Wedding Ceremonies. I do take some time to catch up on some things. I try to reply to emails within a few hours but during these months it could take 24-48 hours. If you need to reach me sooner the fastest way is to text me 843-907-1132. 

 17. Do you offer Wedding Insurance?

I don't personally offer policies but here are links to two companies who have affordable plans:

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