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Over the years we have seen all kinds of things happen at weddings. There seems to always be one little glitch a couple will never forget! We know and understand things will happen. Some things we can fix others are beyond our control. Below are some policies and procedures we have put in place. While there are some things we can't control like the weather, we may be able to find alternatives.  

Everything is handled by email. This is to give us a paper trail and protect us both from anything

forgotten in a phone call. We do almost 200 weddings per year so to keep me organized I have implemented a very organized system to keep track of everyone's wedding. 


Cancellation Policy for weddings booked after January 19, 2021:

Because we guarantee your date and time, and therefore must turn down other wedding parties, the following cancellation policies for payments above and beyond the deposit will apply. Cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date: No refunds including deposit, but may be applied toward a future date within the same calendar year. Cancelled 31-90 days prior: No refund on deposit, 50% refund of balance paid. Non refunded amount may be applied toward a future date within the same calendar year. Cancelled 91 days prior: No refund of deposit, balance refunded less 5% processing fee.

Cancellations must be submitted via email, voicemail calls are not acceptable. If a cancellation is necessary, you will be emailed back to confirm we have received notice of the cancellation. It's very important to notify us of any changes as soon as possible. We must turn away other couples when we have you booked. If you wait to cancel two weeks out we have very little chance at re-booking the date.  Final payment is not due until two weeks prior to the wedding date.

If you think you may cancel we prefer you to not make payments ahead of time. 

Please choose your package carefully, no downgrades are given once you have paid your deposit. Once you have paid your deposit we block off the amount of time needed to provide you with the best service possible, we are committed to your wedding and must turn down other work we could have otherwise accepted had you had a smaller package

Inclement weather: In the case where inclement weather (rain) prevents us from having an outdoor wedding, we will make every effort to assist you in procuring an indoor venue (possibly at the hotel where you are staying, or at the reception site), or to reschedule to another day or time. Fortunately, this rarely occurs, but we will work with you in every way possible to have a beautiful wedding, and to have great wedding photos. We will also do everything we can the day of the wedding should any storms be in the area to adjust the time as we are able based on other times we have reservations. We always try to allow a suitable time in between weddings where we may have more then one per day.

Hurricane Policy Options: Because mother nature can't be controlled we have these options in place should a hurricane cause any evacuations at our covered beaches. 1. Move to a unaffected beach. 2. Move the date. 3. If the first two options aren't doable you may take your deposit and change it to a photo shoot on the beach at a later date. You may still wear your wedding attire and there is no expiration on when you use it. That way you still get beautiful photos on the beach! In the case of a evacuated hurricane and you have paid above your deposit the difference will be refunded should you not move your date. This must be due to a evacuated hurricane at the beach location for the ceremony. If you are able to change your date the full amount will carry with you to the new date.  


If you have your Officiant  booked with Incredible Beach Weddings, they agree to your wedding date in good faith with no deposit. Once they agree to Officiate your wedding for me this takes them off the market for any other bookings, on that date and time. They are also good enough to work with me as much as they can if weather causes a time adjustment the day of your wedding.  Because of this, we can't allow any Officiant changes after you pay your deposit. If you are using your own and yours doesn't work out, or cancels we will do everything we can to secure an Officiant. Once you agree to use one of my Officiants and have paid your deposit this can not be removed from the package and the price can't be removed should you have a friend or family member want to step in. It's fine if you would like use someone of your choice, but you will have the Officiants fee added to the final invoice and I will then pay the Officiant for their time and missed opportunities on other bookings. 

Date Changes 

I do realize sometimes for whatever reason, a date will need to be adjusted. Changing to a new date must be approved ahead of time and there must be email confirmation showing the date change and a reply email back from you accepting the date change. 

*I would also suggest wedding insurance to prepare for the unexpected, most companies below have plans for Cancellation Coverage as well as Limited Liability (some reception venues require this when you are serving alcohol. You can choose to do both on your plan or just the Wedding Cancellation option. 

plans:  (Just $75.00 for Wedding Cancellation Plan up to $5,000-most of our packages are under this so well worth the investment) 

If you are in the Military, check out plans here with USAA:


*When booking packages that include Professional Photography we regret  we can not allow any other outside Photographers. If you wish to use your own, you need to book The Just Decorations Package or one of the packages where Photography is an add on. I have a very organized way I do photos in order to do them within the time limits of your package. If a second shooter is there it makes it very difficult to  capture your day and provide you with everything included in your package. If you feel like you would like to have a second shooter, please let me know and we can go over options to include this with a photographer I am used to working with and won't keep the other from getting important shots. Breach of this policy the day of, will forfeit the photography portion of my package with no refund on that portion of the package. 

Late For Wedding Policy:


We do everything to make your wedding day extra special. At the same time we all must realize that there are many other brides that deserve the same treatment. Do to scheduling restraints we must require that you and your wedding party arrive at the wedding site in a timely manner. Therefore we must adhere to the following policy. Brides arriving between 1 minute and 15 minutes late will be charged an additional $0.00 dollars. Brides, grooms, wedding parties or any other cause for delay beyond the 15 minute grace period will be charged $5.00 per minute late fee. The bride will be advised of this accrued late fee just prior to the ceremony to avoid any discrepancies. In addition to this if a package has been purchased to include photos after the ceremony time the amount of time devoted may be reduced by the amount of time waited for someone who was late. Should an emergency arise and you know that you will be significantly late for your wedding, we simply ask that you contact your wedding planner as soon as possible so that all parties are aware of the situation and alternate plans can be discussed if necessary. This charge does not apply in cases where we have made efforts to adjust times due to inclement weather conditions.


Day of Wedding Information:
We allow the allotted time for your wedding as specified in your package choice to include such things as set-up time, pre- and post wedding photos (unless you have contracted for additional photography time). We will provide detailed directions to the wedding site if it is not at the hotel or home where you are staying, and we will touch base with you the day of the wedding. Sometimes the need may arise to adjust your time. This mainly happens due to weather issues. If this happens we will give you as much notice as possible. I advise being flexible the day of the ceremony and also advising your guests to be. PLEASE be sure all of your guests and bridal party have the specific directions and time – as we often use a specific beach access that allows ample parking and as much privacy as possible on the beach. And, while it may seem that the distance is not far, please take into consideration that the area is a vacation spot and traffic can be difficult. Allow ample time for travel.



A deposit of $150.00 is due at the time your reservation is placed on packages through The Forever Keeps. A $250.00 deposit is due on packages Everything by the Sea and higher. $500.00 deposit is required for Saturday weddings in May, June, September and October on The Forever Keeps Package or higher. Once the package of choice is made we will email you a invoice where you may use the credit card of your choice on a secure site. Checks may also be mailed. You will have 72 hours to secure deposit after booking is made. Balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding date on most packages. Some of the upgrade options you select may be paid to that vendor the day of the service, for example Hair/Makeup. If a reservation is made 30 days before the date the total amount due is then required. Exceptions to this are upgraded services we have added like Hair/Makeup then you may pay those the day of the ceremony. If we have made appointments for these type services and you must cancel please do so no later then one week prior to the wedding to avoid an additional penalty. Please also be aware of the policies of any outside vendors providing services. Some of my preferred vendors do require separate contracts and deposits be made, which they will consult with you on when contacted. 

Once a deposit has been paid you may not downgrade a package. 

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