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Booking Process

Thank-you so much for considering Incredible Beach Weddings for your Wedding Day!

We are a family-owned company and have done over 1200 beach weddings from Atlantic Beach, NC to North Myrtle Beach, SC. We know beach weddings and all the ins and outs to make your day perfect!

Because we have done so many weddings, we believe we have the art of planning the perfect wedding to a Science! Most of our couples are from out of town or out of state. We realize how hard it is to plan a wedding when you are not here, so we are here to take the stress out of your planning.

I would like to explain our process, so you know how we plan and what to expect.

Our first step will be to go over dates, packages, locations etc. with you. Because Tracey is so hands on the best way to do this is by email. I can set up an email folder on my computer and this helps me to stay organized with everything. We will go over locations, high tide the day of and several other things to determine the best date and time of day for your ceremony.

Once we have agreed on the package, date, location, etc. I will then email you an invoice to pay the deposit. This also works as our contract. After your invoice is paid you will receive a Welcome Letter email. I try to get this out as soon as you book, but occasionally can take a few days

depending on our wedding lineup.


Deposits are as follows:

Incredible Memories Package-Forever Keeps Package $200.00

Everything by the Sea Package and higher $250.00

Saturday Weddings deposit is $500.00 on The Forever Keeps Package and higher.

The Welcome Letter will go over what happens next and covers lots of tips for a beach wedding. There will be a link to a very extensive questionnaire to complete. You will be asked to list everything from your names, to colors, wedding party, family attending, reserved row seating,

photo requests and even a question asking how you met and more.


I can also help with any outside vendors you may need. Most of this info is stored in my computer so it’s usually a couple of clicks away in sending you info like cakes, flowers, video, receptions etc. Once this is complete it will then go to the Officiant (if using one of mine). He or she would be in touch with you regarding your vow options. Once your vows have been finalized

the Officiant will also send me a copy of them.


Once the officiant has worked on the vow portion there is really nothing else for me to do until we get to the 8-10 week out mark. I will then email you a final review. This is when I will get any missing or changed info from the questionnaire. I will also have you send me pictures of bride's dress,

bridesmaids etc. I will use this to go over the arbor decor.

With this info I will also begin a Wedding Day Timeline. The Timeline will list where to go, what time

everyone needs to arrive. The Processional order will be listed, an outline of the ceremony order is listed, the recessional is listed, photo order after, music etc. You won't need anyone to help organize the important ceremony and photo details because we do it all for you.

I wait until the 8-10 week out timeframe, because it saves us both precious time. After numerous weddings I discovered early on how often brides change their minds about what they want. I would spend countless hours re-doing things I thought were a firm decision, only to get to two weeks before the wedding and suddenly everything changed. Its just easier, less stressful and less time consuming on us both to wait. I can wait on final arbor décor because I have all the wedding colors in stock. I am also always adding new things all the time and waiting will give you all my current choices.

If you have any glitches come up, you can always email me. I try to reply as fast as I can. Email as the main form of contact helps me to keep the package prices down as compared to most of my competitors. I do not have to hire outside people to pay a salary which would cause the package prices to go up. If you have any questions about how our process works please don’t hesitate to ask.

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