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Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Fort Fisher............

Also known as Pleasure Island..............

North Carolina...Our Favorite Beach!

If you are looking for the prettiest water color look no farther. While we don't have beaches with the turquoise blue clear colors, like the Caribbean, the beaches on Pleasure Island have the closest you will find in the area. There can be times when even the water here is on the grey side but for the most part I find the water here to be the prettiest in all the beaches I cover. Tracey has a few prime spots perfect for photos, look at those beautiful sea oats in the picture!  

Carolina Beach, NC

The town of Carolina Beach allows weddings on the beach with the provision you leave plenty of room for emergency vehicles to pass along the beach.  You must clean up all ceremony items and trash when you are finished.  Parking can sometimes be a challenge. But this is still my preffered beach of all the one's we service. Check out this link for paid parking info:  Contact the Carolina Beach Parks and Recreation Department on (910) 458-7416 for more information.

Kure Beach

Kure Beach is known as the small wonder of North Carolina...

Kure Beach allows weddings on the beach.  When finished, you must clean up the area and remove all items and trash. Parking is no longer free at Kure Beach during the day, but after 6pm it is. It makes it the perfect location for the summer weddings. It's also less crowded. It's on the same island as Carolina Beach so if you stay there it's just a short drive to the preferred spot I like to use there. Kure Beach also has two town available event venues. The Kure Beach Pavilion and The Kure Beach Community Center. 

Here is a link with more details on beach weddings at Kure Beach

Fort Fisher:

Fort Fisher Historic Park has two Gazebos on the ocean which are available for weddings. A $1000-$1500 fee (three-hour block) is required for the use of either Gazebo. $500.00 fee to reserve.  Also, if you want to have your wedding in the Grove (trees across from the Museum) or on any of the land in the historic park the fee is $1000-$1500 depsening on the day of the week. There is free parking at this location. Please call John Mosley 910-458-5538 for availability.


Fort Fisher State Park located next to the Aquarium is also a possibility. Once you pass the "rocks" at the Ft. Fisher Historic Park, you are on State Park land. To be married along this strip of the beach,  you will need to fill out a Special Activity form which is available at the State Park.

Please call 910-458-5799 for more information. 

We do also charge a higher set up fee at this location. 


There are many parking options at all of Pleasure Island's beaches. Parking can become scarce on summer weekends, especially holiday weekends with great weather, so it's best to arrive early on these days.

Carolina Beach Parking

Click on the link below for a detailed listing of available parking lots and spaces in Carolina Beach, as well as a parking map and enforcement information.

Kure Beach Parking

Click on the link below for information on parking in Kure Beach, including the locations of beach access lots. Parking is paid parking in Kure Beach, but on street parking is not permitted in residential areas.

Fort Fisher Parking

Free parking is available at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area.

Because of this it can be very crowded in the prime summer season. 

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