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Congratulations On Your Upcoming Wedding!


If you have found our page chances are you are planning a wedding! Whether this has been a long engagement or newly engaged we wish you all the best as you move forward with your wedding plans.

Our Services are Non-Denominational and can be tailored designed to fit your specific needs. You may choose to have a Christian or civil ceremony. Incorporate your own vows or our officiant will assist you with the perfect type ceremony for you. We honor and respect any traditions you may have and do not pass any judgement on anyone for any reason. We are here to help you plan the wedding you have dreamed of. We feel privileged to share with you such a special day in your lives. It's truly a celebration to share two hearts becoming one.Whether this is a celebration of love through marriage or vow renewal we are so excited to be a part of your journey from the beginning.

My vision is to offer affordable beach weddings, while still being beautiful and elegant. I am not trying to compete with extravagant resort style ceremonies. You will find my set ups are more simple while keeping things elegant and the focus on the couple.  

I have a very hands on approach and will be a part of each step of our planning phase.

I do not include reception packages because the prices for receptions can vary so drastically based on food, number of people etc. I will be glad to refer you to vendors who provide this service.

Unfortunately, in this business I am not able to offer set operating hours. I work by appointment. The majority of my ceremonies are April-December. You will find me working Seven days a week and 10-14 hours per day. The off months are January, February and March. Email is the best way to reach me: during the off season you might find me catching up on projects or spontaneously taking a few days off if the weather is nice.

I will normally have a automated email to reflect any absences.

If you have a situation that needs a earlier reply you may also text me to: 843-907-1132

Thanks so much for your consideration to be a part of your special day!

Beach Weddings and more...


In addition to beach weddings we are also available for weddings anyplace! Whether it be a church, park, private home or anyplace else!

Incredible Beach Weddings-Ceremony
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