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Oak Island/Caswell Beach, NC

Oak Island offers a fourteen-mile stretch of south-facing beaches with quiet surf and moderate tides. This family-oriented beach community has over 52 public beach accesses (most with parking), an extensive sidewalk system for pedestrians to enjoy, quiet streets for cycling, recreation trails, and numerous parks and playgrounds. The island is categorized by two sections – East Beach and West Beach. 

I would like to point out that as of January 2021 many of the beach accesses behind private homes have  been covered up by sand. If you rent a beach home here you may have to walk to a designated public beach access. Since this has been done the beaches here aren't as pretty as in years past. When they added the sand it also covered the beautiful Sea Oats. The one's like in the picture behind aren't there now. 

Caswell Beach does not require a permit but you should contact the police department for traffic control arrangements and other special requests.  Their address is 1100 Caswell Beach Road, Caswell Beach, NC. 28468 or call (910) 278-1555.

Like the other Brunswick Beaches most of the places to stay are vacation home rentals.

Oak Island Accommodations can be found here:

this part of their web site has some great info on properties etc...

My personal recommendation for your DJ is Shoresound Productions, I have done many weddings with Tommy for over 10 years and he is the best you will find in the area:

Oak Island Beach Wedding Packages
Oak Islnd Beach Wedding Packages
Beach Wedding Packages-Oak Island-NC
Oak Island-NC-Beach Wedding Packages
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