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Holden Beach, NC

Holden Beach does not require a permit to have your wedding ceremony on the beach. Keep in mind, though, that the beach between the dunes and the water is public property, so you should expect normal crowds of area beachgoers. You cannot block beachgoers from walking past your ceremony and/or party. Also, to be environmentally friendly during your ceremony, you should refrain from having guests throw rice or birdseed. Rice is harmful to the birds, while birdseed will attract an abundance of seagulls.

Though you do not need a permit to have your ceremony in Holden Beach, you should consult the Police Department at (910) 842-6707 to find out where your guests should park. There are no restrictions on tents, chairs, etc. during your event, but all items must be off the beach by the end of the day.

To obtain your marriage license with Brunswick County, you will need to contact the Brunswick County Register of Deeds at (877) 625-9310, or click here to visit their website.

While there are no resort hotels at Holden Beach there are some great rental companies that have rental homes. Hobbs Realty have some available here is their information:

Holden Beach-Beach Wedding Packages
Wedding Packages at Holden Beach
Beach Weddings-Holden Beach
Holden Beach-Beach Wedding Packages
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